Top Best Casino Bonuses

A casino bonus is an extra compensation that online casinos offer for both new and current customers. On of the advantages is that a casino can continue to hand out more bonuses to keep you playing on their site.

An online casino bonus is that extra money you receive just because you register on a slot site, continue playing on the site, or make a friend start playing on the site.

A good bonus can be used whether you want to play slots, Video Poker, Blackjack or Roulette. The casino bonus is always a crucial factor when playing at a casino online. If you do not play casino sites that offer bonuses, you will not maximize your winnings. Depending on what country you play from, bonuses may vary where the uk slot sites tend to have the highest winnings. At those sites, you have the possibility to find bonuses that match your first deposit with as much as 400% or even more. A casino bonus is pretty much free money that the casino gives to you as a player to play right there. As most casino games have a negative anticipation – they are structured so that the casino wins and the players lose in the long run – is the best chance to make a profit from using these bonuses.

Facts account bonuses

1. The most common bonuses
– Welcome Bonus
– Loyalty bonus
– Tip a friend bonus

2. The best bonus
Most profitable bonus is the registration bonus

3. Most bonuses have a turnover requirement
You have to play for a certain amount before you can pick out the money.

Benefits of Playing Casino Games Online

We all can agree that land based casinos offer pure brilliance when it comes to a buzzing atmosphere, flashing lights, loud casino music and the sound of coins falling out fo the castles. An online casino can usually compensate for their lack of those above by offering you a fantastic online casino bonus is guaranteed to be worth the effort.

So forget to rent a hotel room and pay for a limo just to spend an expensive night at a game deck like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. You can instead choose to have a fun night at home, which can save you a lot of money and make it possible for you to win even more than you would have done at a land based casino. Some online casinos and mobile casinos will also reward you to play and give you the opportunity to seize free dining and overnight stays in hotels among many other delights. If you sign up for one of their loyalty programs, you will still be able to fix the amount of time spent on your computer with a night in town eventually! Could it be any better?

How does a casino bonus work you may ask, let us try to help you!
If you are on a search for a good online casino bonus that is worth the effort, you should take a look at the various casino bonuses and their description that we have gathered a list to help you understand online games.

Despite the fact that we provide a relatively detailed guide to available bonuses, we recommend that you read the terms of the online casino you choose. The reason is that circumstances can change and it is at the end up to you to check all the fact before you decide to play.

Welcome Bonus

It is important to understand that there are different kinds of bonuses. The first, and most profitable, is the welcome bonus, which is usually called a signup bonus. This type of bonus can only be taken advantage of when you register at a casino for the first time. When signing up via and making the first deposit, you will be entitled to a bonus. You should look for bonuses with high match rates. These bonuses double, triple, or even quadruple the deposit you make. You can also get a loyalty bonus, given to you if you play for a long time on one and the same site. You usually receive an email when the bonus is available.

One of the good bonuses comes from recently launched Spinland. Spinland is a new online casino in England launched in 2017. This is an online casino that puts a lot of focus on its players and wants everyone to feel special and not as one in the crowd. They also take care of their players by offering very generous bonuses!

It’s a huge welcome bonus waiting for new players at Spinland casino! In fact, it may be one of the largest online available right now. You can earn up to £3500 in bonus plus 200 free spins! This offer has been divided into 3 different steps:

  1. The first deposit bonus gives 200% bonus up to £3000 and 50 free spins.
  2. The second deposit bonus gives 50% up to £250 plus 100 free spins at Wild Wild West, the newer Netent game.
  3. The third deposit bonus consists of 100% match bonus up to £250 kronor and 50 spins on Reel Rush.

Registration Bonus

Registration bonuses are being offered after registration and a deposit. On top of that, we have the usual wagering requirements that need to be met before you can grab full advantage of this bonus. When you sign up for a slot site, you will get one of the best online casino bonuses throughout your online gaming experience. It’s important to note that when you play an online casino, registration bonuses tend to be given to players once they have completed the registration process and made a deposit.

Registration bonus, unfortunately, is only offered once per online casino. Before you decide you should first have a look at few slot sites out there to get a picture what you can expect. Another tip is to read our recommendations where we list the highest registration bonus out there at the moment.

Once you have registered and played enough to collect your bonus points, you can always start with bonus hunting. Let us familiarize you with the term if you are not sure what it means. Bonus hunting is when a player registers at different online casinos to receive their registration bonuses. This can be done, for example, by withdrawing the original amount of money you have deposited and registering at another online casino for a bigger and better bonus. Alternatively, you can leave money on your account and start playing on multiple pages at the same time.

On of the best registration bonuses out there is Spin Station casino.

Spin Station Casino is a new, very promising player on the market. A fantastic registration bonus awaits the new player as well as the recurring campaign every month where the winner gets a brand new Mercedes Benz. Also, Spin Station has new promotions and offers every month. The players who made a deposit get a nice extra bonus and the most loyal players can participate in competitions where the winnings can be really sky high.

Spin Station really know how to capture player’s attention.

  1. Your first deposit gives you 200% bonus up to £2000 plus 20 free spins.
  2. Your second deposit gives you 50% bonus up to £500 plus 50 free spins
  3. Your third deposit gives you 75% bonus up to £500 plus 30 free spins

Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses, also known as loyalty bonuses, are as their name suggests bonuses designed for a particular purpose. They are usually reserved for loyal members, that is, those who have been playing at the casino for a long time. Mostly, these exclusive casino bonuses are used to reward players who achieve a certain amount of points and are moved to the casino rankings from, for example, gold member to platinum member. Members also receive a variety of exclusive bonuses depending on the status of their membership.

One of the popular ones with a great loyalty program is the online casino, Miami Dice.

Miami Dice Casino launched in 2016 and from the get go was a casino to be reckoned with. It may have to do with their really generous welcome bonus or from the 80’s series Miami Vice that attracted the big mass.

At Miami Dice Casino, a welcome pack worth a total of £3500 awaits and includes 200 free spins. Also, you get loyalty points when playing as further may be converted to cash.

  1. Welcome bonuses are always a plus, and on Miami Dice, you’ll get a bonus on your first three deposits.
  2. Secondly, these are matched with money, but you also get free spins. In total, you can get £3500 and 200 free spins to play with!

Deposit Casino Bonus

Online casinos want to show how much they appreciate you every time you deposit money. When making a deposit to a certain amount, the casino will reward you for this by giving you a percentage of the money in addition to your deposit. Many have renamed this to the online casino’s version of a discount because if you deposit £100 and the casino gives you 10% on it, it results in you getting £110 to play even if you only paid for the first £100.

Casino No Deposit Bonus

You will also be able to find some online casinos, so-called no deposit casinos, which offer bonuses without a deposit. You do not always have to deposit money at a casino to play. Sometimes you may want to try out a little before deciding on a particular casino. There are even no deposit casinos with no wagering in the UK.

This is why casinos without deposit were invented – so you can only play games, experience the casino and test the various features before you decide to sign up. Indeed, it may seem that the casino shares free money, but you should know that some terms and conditions come with the bonuses, so it’s always a good idea to read the fine print.

Freeplay Bonuses

Bonuses with a free bet or free play bonuses, as they are also called, are quite similar to bonuses without deposit, but they will not allow you to withdraw any of your winnings, which you can do with non-deposit bonuses. Freeplay bonuses are usually reserved for special offers and new games, which the casino wants to highlight.

These free play bonuses often come with time or game limit. A limit can be set on the money you are allowed to play with or time spend on a game can be restricted. At the end of both of these tow scenarios, you will get a lucrative option if you want to continue or not. These are usually used to attract current players that haven’t played for a while but also pretty common retention strategy that many online casinos are using.

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins Free spins bonuses are unique in their kind because they really only apply to a single genre of games, namely slot machines online. You can not redeem your free spins at Blackjack or Baccarat. These are usually given to players when a tournament is in progress, and slot site wants to drive attraction in the slot game being played.

As a player, you were getting the chance to play a certain slot game for free rounds, get the feeling the reels and see how the game works. Although, before you accept a free spin bonus we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions for this specific bonus, so you don’t agree to something you will regret later on. Things you should be looking an eye on is how many free spins you will get, how long time do you have to claim it and if there are any wagering requirements involved. Therefore, it is always good to read the fine print one extra time before you play.One of good slot sites when it comes to welcome bonus is Betway.

Betway Bonus

Betway Casino is a well-known name on the market and was founded in 2006. Since then, they have changed their website several times and now offer a stylish layout with many games and great bonuses.

The welcome bonus at Betway Casino can give you as much as £1000 to play for free.

The bonus is divided into three parts:
1st deposit: 100% bonus up to £ 250
2nd deposit: 25% bonus up to £ 250
3rd deposit: 50% bonus up to £ 500

In addition, as a registered player, you will always be able to take advantage of Betway’s other offers such as free spins, tournaments and other bonuses that are frequently offered on the website. They also have a unique loyalty program called Betway Plus, where you can earn points when you play.

At Betway Casino you will find many games that suit you, as they have a great selection of titles from popular Microgaming and Netent. Their welcome bonus is also something out of the ordinary, up to £10000 in bonus to get started is not too bad. Visit this casino if you want to play on a reliable slot site that stands out in this competitive scene of ours.

Refer A Friend

As the name suggests, the host-a-friend bonus is given to players when they send an invitation to one of their friends via email. This is a particularly engaging online casino bonus because you usually get a lot of value for money. Even if this is not that common, the only thing you have to do is to tell your friend, family member or a colleague about the online casino. If they choose to join the casino, both you and they will be rewarded. Usually, it comes with your friends first deposit where you get a small percentage of their first deposit. Can it be easier?

A Large bonus is always a good idea, no?

As mentioned above, different casinos have different wager requirements. The biggest bonus is most likely to have the most rigorous turnover requirement attached. If you are not an extremely experienced player or someone who usually bets big, the chances are that casinos turnover requirements are too troublesome to reach for an average player.

Therefore, the biggest bonuses are not always the best online bonuses. Be sure to read and try to judge yourself if a bonus has feasible wager requirements. In this way, you will be not discouraged and at the same time avoid the disappointment of wasting time and money on a bonus you will never be able to claim.

It is also important to keep on eye on what type of game a casino bonus is attached to. Let’s say you find a really good bonus offer at where you want to play your favorite game Baccarat. You redeem your bonus and get a rally nice bet on your account. Then you discover that don’t offer bonus together with a Baccarat game. Your winnings (and the bonus) goes to waste. Even though you have won money, it is probably the half of what you may have ended up with if you had the right bonus attached to the right game from the start.

Casino Free Bonus

When you have started your search to find the ideal online casino that suits your needs one of the very important features is to think about the amount of casino bonus offered. Being on this site means that you are sure that will provide you with the best online casinos bonuses in an extended list. We can’t stress this enough, but it is important that you evaluate casinos terms and benefits of potential reward before you decide to sign up. It will only help you in the long run where you don’t have to deal with boring politics.

Turnover Requirement

All casino sites will try that you will stay and play on their site. Because they offer players extra money to play with, you can not get your bonus pounds (or euros) immediately. You must bet a predetermined amount before you can access the funds in your account. How much you have to bet usually depends on how much the bonus is.

Before proceeding and using any of the bonuses that an online casino has offered you, always make sure you have read the fine print so that you are sure of the revenue requirements. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to use any online casino bonus even if they can be very beneficial.

At an online casino, a bonus is a value (normally money) added to a player’s casino account, usually because the player registers on a new casino site. In some cases, the bonus is as high as the deposit (sometimes the bonus may even be higher). However, you will not be able to access the bonus directly, in which case you could take it out without even playing the casino. That’s why there are wager requirements linked to the bonus.

A turnover requirement is a sum you must bet to redeem their bonus. Note that you do not have to lose the amount that the turnover requirement corresponds to, but only have to play for so much money. If you have a turnover requirement of 10 times the bonus and the bonus is £50, you must bet £500 before you receive the bonus. You do not have to bet all at once, and usually, you can play which games you want (however, it is good to check this before signing up for the bonus). After winning £500, you receive £50 in the account, regardless of how much you won or lost. Look out for the time limit as it is pretty common when it comes to turnover requirements.

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